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Lee Thomas Miller and Meredith Hyatt Lewis became friends back in the late 80’s as music majors at Eastern Kentucky University. They spent several years passing in the halls of the school of music and performing together in University Singers and EKU Show Choir. They even spent the summer of all summers singing in a band in Michigan at Shanty Creek/Schuss Mountain Resort.


Lee and Meredith eventually went on to begin their professional careers and their families, all the while maintaining the friendship they established during their time as Colonels. One of Meredith’s fondest post-grad memories was running into Lee at an Alabama concert at the Kentucky State Fair. She was there to watch her friend Paul play with Alabama, and Lee was sitting on the same row as a guest of Randy Owen. Little did Lee know, Randy would call him up on stage to sing his song “Unsinkable Ships”  to a sold out audience in Freedom Hall: just Lee on stage with Randy Owens’ guitar. Talk about something to witness!


Over the years, Lee and Meredith’s conversations always brought them back to the topic of establishing a songwriter-focused show like the ones Nashville made popular in the heart of Central Kentucky. One day, Lee called out of the blue and said “Let’s do this!” And the rest, well the rest is what’s now a 5-year-and-running fall staple right on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, otherwise known as our Boots and Bourbon Nashville Songwriters Festival.


He may cling tight to Nashville, but Lee’s roots run deep in Kentucky. As a native of Nicholasville, he now gets to bring his family back to the newly restored old farmhouse he grew up in and share with them all the things Kentucky living entails. Meredith came back to her roots in Lawrenceburg to raise a family and teach music to the children of Anderson County through her private business. Together they have formed a great tourist event for Lawrenceburg, a town that already draws visitors in for all things Bourbon and so much more.


Lee brings the talent and Meredith plans the event around good food, spirits, and a classic night of Nashville's best music in the heart of the Bluegrass. We’re all about telling stories over here, and we're more thankful than you could ever know that each of you are now a part of ours through your support of this event!

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